The seed bed for encouraging and fostering vocations is the family and this begins simply by parents raising their children in the practice of the Catholic faith. Daily prayer in the home, the teaching of the Catholic faith and the catechism, reading the lives of the Saints and the Scriptures, attending Sunday Mass in and out of season.

Vocations grow by being fed by the practice of the Catholic faith, the normal Catholic routine, centered round the Liturgical Seasons of the Church.

Children are inspired by the lives of Saints, by listening to the Scriptures, attending Mass, as a part of their normal weekly routine. They hunger to learn more about their faith especially from the lips of their parents. Faith needs to be fed, nourished and watered, especially in the early years of formation. Jesus wanted to stay in the temple discussing matters of faith with the doctors. (Luke 1:39-44)

Parents need only to raise their children in the practice of the Catholics faith following their own example. The example of their parents is crucial to the faith of children and will stay with them longer then the example of others.

We don’t choose our vocation, it is given to us by God and God speaks to us through the gift of our faith.

The wonderful thing about a vocation is that God can raise it from the most unusual of circumstances, for nothing is impossible to God (Luke 1:36-38)

With the example of the Holy Family we pray that the gift of faith will be passed on to the next generation of young Catholics. We pray that Jesus, Mary and Joseph will inspire many to consider a vocation to the Priesthood and Religious Life.

Kind regards and God bless

Father Eamon Kennedy

27th December 2012

On the feast of St John the Apostle and Evangelist