The Calling Of Saint Peter


We begin Ordinary Time listening to the call of two sets of brothers, Simon and Andrew, and James and John. Both were fishermen. (Monday First Week of Ordinary time, Year II, Mark 1:14-20)

It reminds us that those who are called to follow Our Lord did it without any excuse. From this Gospel we know these brothers were intelligent men. James and John employed people. They would have paid wages and taxes. Both sets of brothers were making sacrifices, giving up their livelihood to follow Jesus.

This is a good Gospel to reflect on and pray with, for men who are struggling to make the decision about their vocation. It takes strength and fortitude to overcome one’s fears and trust that the Lord will guide you in your true vocation in life. There is always going to be sacrifices and hurdles to be overcome. But the goal is always to do the will of God and discovering what vocation he has set in your hearts for you to do.

Kind regards and God bless.

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

19th January 2014