The second Sunday of Ordinary time has two excellent Scriptures for men who are discerning their vocation to read and pray with – the call of Samuel by the Lord (Samuel 3:3-10,19) and the call of St Peter in the Gospel of John 1:35-42.

Jesus asks the two disciples of John the Baptist “What do you want?” This is the question every man discerning his vocation needs to ask and hopefully his answer is, I want to do the will of God and follow Jesus.

We do the will of God and follow Jesus by allowing him to become our teacher (Rabbi). We need to spend time with him, allow him to speak to our hearts and show us what vocation he wants for us.

We can also discover the will of God through other people, as St Peter did through his brother St Andrew who helped him to find Jesus.Often God uses others to show us the way. We need to be open or else we may miss this opportunity when God uses another as his instrument to assist us to discover our vocation in life.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy


18th January 2015