This week we begin the parish promotion for the Vocations Retreat that takes place on the 13th to the 15th of December at the Tyburn Monastery at Ngakuru. The Retreat is for men discerning a call to the Priesthood or to discover their vocation. By promoting the retreat this creates an awareness that the Priesthood is essential and all Catholics are called to promote and encourage vocations.

It is also touching to see men step forward and want to have a conversation about the Priesthood or their calling. It takes courage and it is a brave thing to go on a retreat, amongst a world with so many different options and attractions.

Men who are discerning their vocation have much to think about and discover, as they wonder what God is really calling them to be. They need to discern what they are prepared to give up: a family, a loving wife, a career; or service, loving all, being freely available to serve the Church and Christ and also gaining tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment in a life for Christ in the Priesthood.

The call to the Priesthood is a decision we don’t take lightly as it involves joyful sacrifice and a need to know what God wants for us to do.

We can’t really know our vocation without prayer and serious discernment and also a conversation with the Vocations Director or your Parish Priest.

Let us pray for those who are wondering about their vocation that they will be able to read the signs and have the courage to say yes to the Lord of the harvest.

Kind regards and God bless


26th October 2013

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy