Mark 10:17-27 Monday 8th week of Ordinary time.

The Rich Young Man is an excellent example of a person striving to live a virtuous life by keeping the commandments of God, but not prepared to free himself from the obstacle which is stopping him from following Our Lord completely.

Men who are discerning their vocations may find that they have obstacles which are preventing them from being absolutely free to follow Our Lord, which they don’t wish to give up. These obstacles could be all types of things, not necessarily money.

Perhaps the Rich Young Man wasn’t ready to follow Our Lord at the moment he was called and this is why he went away sad.  He was sad because he wasn’t able to follow his true calling in life, his real vocation. He lacked courage and was afraid and scared. He wasn’t brave enough to respond in the affirmative and trust in the Lord , rather trusting in himself and relying on his wealth.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

1st June 2013