Our Catholic faith really comes alive during the Easter ceremonies. We are touched and moved as we journey with Jesus from the Upper Room, where he gives the Church the Mass, the Priesthood, and Christian service as seen in the washing of the feet, to his death on the Cross, “No man had greater love then to lay down his life for another,” and finally to his rising from the dead.

Our Catholic faith is founded on the Apostle’s faith. The Apostles experienced and witnessed these wonderful events, and recorded them so we may believe. We believe because they believed.

It also reminds us that we will always need more Priests to celebrate the Sacraments. The Priesthood is essential for the life of Church, so we may always have the Mass, the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. The need is always going to be great as we continue to pray for more Priestly vocations, for those who are discerning their vocations and for the men studying in the seminary.

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Easter.

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

Good Friday

29th March 2013