We all need heroes and St Maximilian Kolbe fits well into this category. One of the inspiring things about St Maximilian’s story was his willingness to give his own life for the life of a married man with a family, a man who was chosen to be executed in punishment for prisoners escaping from a Nazi war camp.

St Maximilian’s act of kindness speaks volumes of heroism, of sacrifice, of love for others and of unselfishness. What St Maximilian did is an incredible inspiration for all people and for those discerning a vocation. If we want to be inspired, we should look at St Maximilian Kolbe and learn from him. Men who are discerning their vocation could imagine that they are St Maximilian Kolbe for five minutes to assist them to discover their vocation; to discover what it means to love and make sacrifices for Christ and his Church.

St Maximilian Kolbe please pray for men who are discerning their vocations and for more Priestly vocations.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

16th August 2013