St Matthew could be seen as being one of the most unlikely people to be called to become a follower of Our Lord.

As a tax collector he was hated by the Jews. The Pharisees saw tax collectors as public sinners.

St Matthew by following Jesus also gave up a lucrative livelihood. He probably was a very wealthy man. Perhaps he had heard about Jesus and the miracles that Jesus had performed. Hence he longed to meet Jesus and his response to Jesus’ request was in the affirmative. There was no hesitation in St Matthew’s response, as he was ready.

The lesson that St Matthew teaches men who are discerning their vocation, is that the Lord often calls the most unlikely of people to be his instruments in the world, such as tax collectors and sinners. Your call is to be open and ready, eager and prepared to drop what you are doing and give up everything to respond to the Lord’s request, ‘Follow me.’ Matthew 9:9-13

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

21St September 2013

Feast of St Matthew