Seminarian’s Testimony: Glen Brennan

My first year in the seminary has been great. I turned up to the seminary at the beginning of the year nervous and feeling like I was starting my first day at school. It wasn’t long before we were all acquainted with the other first years. It was good to learn about each of their unique journeys to the seminary. There are seminarians from all the world in one place, there diverse backgrounds and cultures makes the mix very interesting and educational at the same time. One of the highlights for me was the cultural dinner, where each ethnicity shared their own dish.

I love the brotherhood in the seminary, we all help to carry one another, sharing in the same experience and mission. However I must not sugar coat the brotherhood because at times there are the struggles which is to be expected, although there are the times of fun, equally there are moments when you wish some brothers had fatal accidents, confession is a great sacrament. The scriptures say, iron sharpens iron and each fellow brother in the seminary does have something valuable to contribute and something for me to learn from. The first year is very relaxed in the academic sense; I only had two papers at the college for the year, while the rest of the time was spent on the spiritual life and human formation. We covered an introduction to Church documents, pastoral techniques, catechism and other literature. We combined what we had learnt from class and pastoral experience to reflect what it would mean for us as priests in this day and age.

I personally ask a lot of questions and I used the time in class to ask the staff and teachers to clarify questions that I had about the faith and priesthood, they were very helpful in this regard. I am not a great academic and I am nervous for next year, with the study being amplified and all, yet I have been put more at ease by the help that is available from fellow brothers and teachers when I need it.

I have been accepted for next year 2013 and Bishop Denis seems pleased with my report. I will enjoy the break surfing, chillin with family and friends, hopefully attending ‘Hearts Aflame’ and of course enjoying kickin it with the good Lord. Thank you all for your prayers and support this year I really appreciate it.

Have a Merry Christmas and keep the faith.

God bless,