In this week’s NZ Catholic (24th August – 6th September 2014) we read about the most recently ordained Catholic Priest for the diocese of Auckland, Father Jeremy Palman.

It is indeed news of great joy- the ordination of a man to the Priesthood. As I read the article it reminded me that everyone’s journey to priesthood is different. It has taken Father Jeremy 22 years to reach ordination. No journey to the Priesthood is the same .We should take encouragement and inspiration from Father Jeremy’s story.

Vocations too, come from all walks of life. We can’t limit the imagination of God, who works wonderfully in men who are open to his calling.

We give thanks to God for Father Jeremy and we pray that many more men will says yes to the Lord and offer their lives to the Church in the service of the Priesthood.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

23rd August 2014