Sometimes the Lord asks us to “Put out into deep water…” and do things we would rather not do, to test us, to see if we are open to his message and voice. (Luke 5:1-11)

St Peter and his companions were already tried from fishing the whole night having failed to catch any fish. Even so St Peter did what the Lord asked of him. Perhaps Jesus’ preaching from their boat had made a deep impression on St Peter, preparing him to be open to the Lord’s request.

Through the miracle of the two boats of fish St Peter realized and had his eyes opened to his sinfulness and the awesome presence of God, who controlled the fish of the sea.

Men discerning their vocation need hearts like St Peter, unworthy, open and willing to leave everything, to take risks and follow the Lord to become “fishers of men”.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Father Eamon Kennedy

9th February 2013