God has a plan for each of us which we may not necessarily understand.

God often calls imperfect men to become Priests, showing the miracle of Priesthood. We are reminded of this from the Gospel of the feast of the Annunciation. Elizabeth is beyond child bearing age but she has a child; for nothing is impossible for God.

The way David was chosen is just the same. He was the least chosen son of Jesse but the one whom God chose to become the King of Israel (Samuel 16:1.6-7.10-13, Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year A)

God works in mysterious ways. Many who are discerning a vocation need to allow the wonder of God to work in their lives.

David’s father didn’t believe he had the qualities to become a King. Only God knows this information and discernment is trying to work out what God’s plan is for each of us, our particular vocation in life.

Kind regards and God bless

29th March 2014

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy