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Good Shepherd Sunday – 26th April 2015


Dear Brothers and Sisters

The last seven months of my life were invested in the formation of future priests while I was on the staff of Holy Cross Seminary.

Our Diocese continues this investment in the person of Fr Michael Gielen who has succeeded me as Director of Formation.

Some years ago Father Michael, the then Vocations Director, accompanied Danny Fraser-Jones on his journey.   He started at Holy Cross Seminary in 2009, and I now look forward to ordaining Danny to the priesthood for the Diocese of Hamilton in August this year. Later in the year, Joseph George and Stuart Young will also be ordained to the priesthood in our Diocese. In addition to these men we have two more in formation in the seminary.

Some 2000 years ago there was a group of 12 apostles in formation with Jesus.

Saint Luke tells us (there were also) Mary Magdalene, Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward Chuza, Susanna and many others who provided for them out of their own resources. (Luke 8:3)

Over the years, many of you from throughout the Diocese have invested in our future priests by your prayers, encouragement, and financial support. Thank you for your support that reflects the generosity of those who provided for the apostles in their formation.

And now, once again, I am asking you to be generous in forming the future priests of our Diocese by your on-going prayer, encouragement, and financial support. May Jesus, the Good Shepherd, bless you for your support of the men he calls to be priests in Hamilton Diocese.

Yours sincerely in Christ

+ Steve Lowe