In the Gospel for this Sunday (Luke 11:1-13) Jesus gives us the Lord’s Prayer, so we may pray to the Father by speaking Jesus’ words, which is a very powerful way of praying.

The example of the friend coming at night and requesting food from his friend who had already gone to bed, reminds us that God wants us to bother him in prayer, not to give up, but to  persevere and become persistent in our prayer to the Father.

Men who are discerning their vocations need to learn to bother God, because if they do not search they will not find and if they do not knock the door will not be opened to them. So let them bother God in prayer and continue to search and knock on the Lord’s door, so he may answer their quest.

Kind regards and God bless

26th July 2013

Feast of Saints Joachim and Anne,

Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy