The call of St Matthew (Matthew 9:9-13) reminds us that sometimes the most unlikely of people are called to follow Jesus in a particular vocation. Many people probably disagreed with Jesus’ choice of St Matthew. Being a tax collector, he was the last person in the world who it was thought should have been called by Jesus! Tax collectors were often hated and despised. Yet here, St Matthew is leaving everything to follow Jesus.

The call of St Matthew can inspire those who believe that the Lord chooses some men and not others. We can never limit the wonder of God to our human limitations. God’s plan is far greater than ours.

May we continuously be inspired by the wonder of God who does not need human approval when choosing a vocation for us. St Matthew please pray for more Priestly Vocations for our diocese and for those discerning a vocation.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

5th July 2014