Good Shepherd Sunday

Liturgy Presentation

Liturgy Presentation for school for Good Shepherd Sunday



Prayer for our Seminarians

Gracious God, bless our seminarians, may the Holy Spirit inspire and give them the courage and enthusiasm for their vocation.

Guide them to become prayerful and holy Priests, men with hearts like our Lord, prepared to serve the Church and give their lives for Christ.

We ask this pray through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

A pray for those who are discerning their vocations

Lord help me, to know what vocation you have planned for me.

Enlighten my heart and speak to me, so I may know what your will is.

Inspire me with the wisdom to respond to your invitation to serve you as a Priest, Religious, Married or Single Person.

I ask this prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen



What is a vocation?

A vocation is a calling from God to become Priest, a Religious, to be a Married or Single person.


A vocation is a call we receive from God to serve him in a particular calling, either in the Priesthood and Religious Life, Married or Single vocation.


A vocation is a special call God gives us to serve him and each other in a particular vocation and to assist others to get to heaven. We do this through the Priesthood, the Religious Life, Married or Single vocation.

Who is the Bishop of Hamilton Diocese?

Bishop Denis Browne.

How does a man become a Priest?

  • Firstly he prays and discerns his vocation, asking God to assist him to know God’s will and the special plan that was set even before he were born.
  • He practices his Catholic Faith.
  • He talks to the Vocations Director and or his Parish Priest and discusses it with them.
  • He goes to the seminary and is formed and trained as a Diocesan Priest.
  • Eventually he is ordained by the Bishop as a Priest.

Where do men train to become Priests?

Men go to the seminary in Auckland, which is special school for men who are training to become Priests. (put seminary website in here)

Who can become a Priest?

Only single, baptized Catholic man.

Where do Priests live?

Priests live in a house called a presbytery, often by a Catholic Church.

What qualities does a man need to become a Priest?

Prayerful, hardworking, motivated, committed, honest, kind, loves the Mass and the Church, capable, good sense of humour, welcoming and intelligent. 

What do Priests do?


  • Celebrate Mass and administer the sacraments
  • Preach the word of God
  • Visit the sick
  • Bury the dead
  • Work in schools and colleges
  • Play sport, garden, read, watch movies and other leisure activities.

What is the difference between a Priest and a Deacon?

  • Deacons can be married and Priests in the Roman Rite are not married.
  • Deacons can read the Gospel at Mass and preach.
  • Deacons can bless things like Holy Water, baptise and do funerals and weddings which are not Masses.
  • Deacons can’t celebrate Mass, anoint the sick or hear Confessions, only Priests can.
  • Deacons are particularly called to serve after the example of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.
  • Permanent Deacons often have normal jobs to support their families and are witnesses in the world for Christ.
  • Priests do all things that Deacons can do as well as run parishes, celebrate Mass and administer all the sacraments except ordination which can only done by the Bishop.