In this Sunday’s Gospel (Luke 9:51-62) Jesus shows an example of how to follow the call. Jesus is heading towards Jerusalem. He is not avoiding or hiding from his destiny. On the way he meets and calls three people.

Jesus reminds the first person he calls that animals like foxes and birds have more permanency than he does. Men, as they respond to their call, may find that it takes a lot to trust that the Lord knows best. It may become a challenge to put their future in someone else’s hands.

The second person was more concerned about his family and what they may be thinking about his new direction. Some families do dictate to their children and stop them from making good and healthy decisions about their lives.

The final person called may have suffered from regrets and ‘what if.’ He was continually looking behind and not prepared to look ahead, be in the present or offer things up joyfully. He may not have been prepared to make the sacrifices the Lord was calling him to and to carry his cross.

Often the Lord’s plans are not our plans and what we imagine life would be like. Following the Lord is the journey into the unknown.

We pray for men as they discern their vocations; that they will have the courage and the fortitude to respond to the Lord in the affirmative, trusting that he knows better.

Kind regards and God bless

Fr Eamon Kennedy

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

29th June 2013