The feast of the Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3:13-17) teaches us that through our baptism we become Sons and Daughters of God, the beloved and God’s favour rests on us.

We may not feel like favourites, but baptism gives us a special dignity of becoming Sons and Daughters and of becoming the beloved. We need to remind ourselves continually that we are Sons and Daughters of God, that we are favoured and that we are the beloved.

By doing this we are saying that God loves us individually, uniquely, especially and always. He has a special plan for each one of us which comes from our Baptism. This plan may not seem clear.  It may even be confusing but it is our responsibility to discover it and pursue it with all our strength.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

12th January 2014

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord