It is interesting, that it was the wise men, the Magi, these foreigners from the east, who recognized the star, the sign of the birth of the infant king of the Jews and came in search of him.

Every man who is discerning his vocation needs a little of the wise men in him- being prepared to set out on a journey, to search and ask questions, to take risks, to follow the star to the unknown and to be able to dream.

During the journey to discover one’s vocation, many obstacles will be set in the way to test your determination to follow your calling. King Herod was an obstacle; he was jealous and threatened by the infant king of the Jews and secretly wished to do away with the infant Jesus.

We pray for those who are discerning their vocation, that they will not be discouraged by the many obstacles they may encounter, but set their eyes on the star, Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, the one they are called to follow.

Kind regards and God bless

Vocations Director

Father Eamon Kennedy

2nd January 2013