One of the lessons that the feast of St Cyril and St Methodius teaches us is that sometimes we are called to do things which many may not necessarily agree with. Cyril invented an alphabet, translated parts of the Bible and composed a Slavonic Liturgy. There was opposition from German Clergy and Bishops who strongly disagreed with what he had done.

This is a part of life. People in authority, friends and even our families may not always agree with the decisions we make in life.

Sometimes we need to have a strong conviction and not to give up when we face huge challenges. We need to remember that challenges come and challenges go and this is a normal part of life. We need to trust that we are being faithful to the Lord in following his calling for us.

May St Cyril and St Methodius pray for us, that we may follow through with our convictions as we discern our true vocation in life.

Vocations director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

14th February 2014

Feast of St Cyril and St Methodius