As we listen to the Gospel reading for the Chrism Mass (Luke 4:16-21) we can imagine the people looking at Jesus for he was teaching them that this Scripture was actually about him. It is a powerful Scripture setting the scene for the Chrism Mass.

Perhaps as the Priests renew their Promises and the Bishop blesses the oils our minds will be continually drawn back to the Gospel reading of the day from the prophet Isaiah. The anointed one is called to do the Lord’s work. Perhaps the eyes of the people in the synagogue were fixed on Jesus because they were surprised that Jesus was bold enough to say that this Scripture was being fulfilled even as they listened to it.

The Priesthood is a wonderful gift to the Church and vocations to the Priesthood should be treasured and continually prayed for. We do need more Priests to administer the Sacraments to the people in their care.

Kind regards and God bless

13th April 2014

Vocations Director

Fr. Eamon Kennedy